About Me

This is me.

My singular focus of photography is portraiture, and it has been for nearly two decades. 

My first camera was a LOMO LCA, a film camera with virtually no controls which helped me dive into photography without being encumbered by technical things like shutter speed or aperture. I found that I had a good eye for taking photos. I realised that a part of this is because I watch way too many movies. After all, what is a movie if not a series of photographs? At 25 frames per second, and the average movie running 90 mins, you would have seen a million photographs when you watch 5-7 movies. Which would mean that I’ve seen more than billions of photos from all the movie’s I’ve watched, each frame lovingly composed by master videographers across the decades of filmmaking history.

 While I never had a formal education in photography, I took classes in University of Pennsylvania and was part of the 2003 pioneer class of Shooting Home by Objectifs to find new avenues of growth as a portrait photographer and recently went for the Sony Kando 3.0 Trip to learn from instructors like Brian Smith, Nancy Borowick and Scott Robert Lim.  

I relish the opportunity, challenge and complexity of taking an authentic portrait of people, especially accomplished and interesting individuals.  

Instead of over-engineering a good-looking and contrived photo of a person by choosing a theme, location, clothes and props that don't reflect who the portrait-sitter is, I try to get the most authentic and genuine portrait I can get of my subject. This requires that I have some level of connection and comfort with the subject, and vice versa. I enjoy taking the time to talk with and know my subjects which helps me co-create a great portrait. 

I now live in Singapore and hope to continue meeting and taking portraits of individuals here and in my travels. 

If you have questions or would like to connect with me, please just send me a message via this website or Instagram. 


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